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Sept , 2022

Compiled by Hayden Elrafei, Updated by Ian Scott

INTERVIEW: DSA's Internationalist Experiment: News Articles

Academics occupy an interesting position in relation to student and worker movements. As a general rule, it has been suggested that they are closer to the university bureaucracy than they are to us, but sometimes, they can prove otherwise and exemplify themselves as staunch and powerful allies, or at the very least, friends of the downtrodden and the exploited. These professors are exceptions. 


Information here has been collected through a survey of the student body and of past experience. 


If you do not feel comfortable bringing up an issue to a professor in their office hours, you could always submit a report, speak to your dean, or contact another on-campus resource, maintaining your confidentiality. Reach out to the Dartmouth Radical with comments.

Read the full guide here.

INTERVIEW: DSA's Internationalist Experiment: Text

The Dartmouth Radical

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