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Letter From The Editors

Sept 5, 2021

By the Dartmouth Radical Editorial

INTERVIEW: DSA's Internationalist Experiment: News Articles

The editorial board of the Dartmouth Radical is thrilled to announce the publication of this year’s Dis-Orientation Guide. The guide represents the hard work of over 20 authors, creatives, organizers, and poets, who have picked up their pen to deliver to you, the ‘25s, some bad news, and some good news. 

Since you began your admissions process, you have waded through a deluge of promotional events and materials for the College. They speak of a Dartmouth that thrives off its diversity, champions progressivism, and cherishes free expression. But life on campus soon reveals a different Dartmouth. Many of us face challenging and puzzling struggles as we try to make our way through. 

The Dis-O never holds back on its fundamental theses. From its classes, to its social scenes, to its highest circles of power, we hold that the College is an austere, thoroughly authoritarian, and financialized institution. The many struggles we face is the College waging its own kind of war. This is the bad news.

The good news is that there are those who fight the good fight. Students have been organizing ceaselessly to fight back against capitalist barbarism for decades, and the fight is getting more and more critical as we descend further and further into crises. You will never be alone in your struggle. 

The Dis-O works to reveal the true face of Dartmouth so that we can study and organize against it. “Survival pending revolution”, is, in Dis-O’s point of view, survival in service of revolution. We will not give you the tools necessary to carve out for yourself a pocket of marginal existence. We will give you fragments towards the ushering of a beautiful society, here, there, everywhere. 

These fragments are a great mass of works from our wonderful authors that aid, in multiple stages, in the struggle against and within Dartmouth—from heart-gripping poems on assault, to sweeping guides on consent and care, to vast exposes of the College, to methodical analyses on socialism at Dartmouth. And through it all, we are here with you.


In solidarity,

The Dartmouth Radical Editorial

The Dartmouth Radical

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